GeoView Asset Management


Utilizing powerful GeoView Enterprise architecture to establish, inspect and maintain your complete corporate physical assets inventory.

Physical asset management represents a sound practice of managing the entire life-cycle (design, construction, commissioning, operating, maintaining, repairing, modifying, replacing and decommissioning or disposal) of physical and infrastructure assets such as single equipment part, structures, production and service plant, power, water and waste treatment facilities, distribution networks, transport systems, buildings and other physical assets. The increasing availability of data from asset systems is allowing the principles of Total Cost of Ownership to be applied to facility management of an individual system, a specific project, or across corporate boundaries.

GeoView Asset Management extends GeoView Enterprise architecture to enable running your corporate “cloud” solution ensuring full operational continuity of geo-referenced facilities inventory, including assets capturing, classification, publishing and maintenance. It also enables building detailed custom data models to describe captured assets, as well as attaching pre-recorded imagery and documents to specific features – via provided web and mobile clients. More importantly, GeoView Enterprise ensures full privacy of your data since it sits behind your company’s firewall and may get publicly accessible only if you choose to.


Ensure full operational continuity with geographic visibility of physical inventory assets – including actual feature mapping, feature data maintenance, reporting, and assigning in-the-field recordings such as photos, documents, etc.


Identify all the assets in your organization using the QR-codes one can automatically generate, print, scan and easily update in the field. Provides means to precisely track and update asset data when necessary.


Manage and track all your assets in a single view from anywhere using web and mobile clients, including any of the project-driven phases – be it procurement, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal.


Provide and maintain a custom domain-based data model architecture to handle detailed physical assets classification with regards to actual feature typology and associated properties, value ranges, constraints, and many other aspects.


Maintain a complete repository of all asset properties in the organization with in-depth visibility of how they are connected to each other. Easily identify critical assets and analyze the impact of incidents and changes.


Easily customize geospatial-based feature data representation and stylization in terms of symbology, size, color, behavior, etc. based on actual asset type and role. Manage map-related feature displaying and labeling rules.

Asset Management Platform Components


GeoView Server represents server-side application providing scalable architecture via REST API support.

Suited for corporate environments, as well as public services and agencies towards capturing, describing, publishing and maintaining physical assets inventory data over LAN, WAN and/or Internet. Running as a back-end system service, it provides versatile REST API support enabling receiving and processing requests for information sent by other devices and related applications, such as specialized GeoView Web and Mobile clients.

  • Versatile RESTful API support (JSON)
  • Runs as system service in the background
  • Configuring user credentials/permissions
  • Customizable feature data model
  • Feature data stylization rules and patterns
  • Thousands of spatial reference systems
  • Export to numerous vector file formats
  • Data importing using popular GIS formats
  • Autodesk Map 3D datastore compatibility
  • Hardware monitoring capabilities

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise
  • Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 Pro/Enterprise
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home/Pro/Ultimate
  • System architecture: 64-bit
  • RAM: min. 2 GB (16 GB recommended)
  • HDD: min. 200 MB for application
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) not required


Thin client providing interactive map capable of displaying server-based physical assets inventory.

Web Client application provides an interactive, GIS-flavored insight into corporate physical assets inventory data published by GeoView Server, enabling browser-based support for displaying, inspecting, editing and exporting asset data with your colleagues or general public. Available data can be easily shared with your peers, converted to multiple spatial reference systems, file formats, and more.

  • Displays existing assets via interactive map
  • Inspect assets and edit their properties
  • Attach asset recordings and documents
  • Data importing/exporting capabilities
  • Generate asset’s QR-code for identification
  • Multiple map (incl. custom) providers support
  • Project management related to assets
  • Server administration module for admins
  • Fully responsive layout (mobile-ready)
  • Multilingual: English, Dutch and French

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11+
  • Google Chrome, Chrome Mobile
  • Mozilla Firefox, Firefox for Android
  • Opera software’s Opera 15+
  • Apple Safari, iOS Safari

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Mobile client enabling on-site physical assets capturing and publishing onto GeoView Server.

GeoView Mobile application helps users identify, capture, update and share on-site physical assets using any GPS-enabled iOS or Android device. Use your phone or tablet camera to take asset photos, attach related documents and set required meta-data prescribed by customizable data model. Once published to GeoView Server, acquired data is immediately available for consuming via GeoView Web Client as well.

  • Support for iOS and Android devices
  • Displays existing assets via interactive map
  • Create assets and capture their position
  • Identify on-site assets via QR-codes
  • Provides custom meta-data to assets
  • Take photos of physical assets on-site
  • Attach asset-related documents and files
  • Print asset QR-codes using portable printer
  • Multiple map providers support
  • Multilingual: English, Dutch and French

  • Apple iOS 7.x to 14.x
  • Google Android 4.x to 11.x
  • GPS device sensor is mandatory
  • Compass device sensor is optional
  • Accelerometer device sensor is optional

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